Welcome on Cypris Official Website

It was stronger than us, passion.

It was stronger than us, initiative.

It was stronger than us, aspiration.

Welcome to Cypris World, where cosmetics meets love for human beings.

Oh yes, because our skin is our armor, it’s the envelope that protects us.

As far as the most external part of our body, it directly affects our soul, caressing feelings such as trust, happiness, serenity, through the image of ourselves expressed in the external world.

Cypris, inside & outside

In Cypris we are very attentive to the skin as an external factor of the person.

Not just this.

Our attention also falls on further aspects deriving from it.

Cypris proposes to act on skin to further benefit through person wellness feeling.

The skin is your armor, your protective aegis and deserves to be treated with the utmost care.

This is our world, and our greatest joy is having you here with us, because we are here for you.

Welcome to Cypris, a skin emotion.

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