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Summer is coming, so skincare keyword is exfoliate!

It’s becoming natural to feel the need to help our skin to prepare for warmer temperatures, during which we need more skin perspiration capacity.

During winter, the skin tends to thicken and harden to protect itself from the cold, producing a greater quantity of keratin and decreasing its elasticity.

Exfoliating the skin means mechanically removing the epidermis superficial layer and the keratin cells at the end of the cell renewal cycle.

The presence of such dead cells, as well as powders and other inorganic particles, tend to close skin pores, reducing tissues oxygenation and decreasing skin brightness, gloss and elasticity.

Both face scrubs and body scrubs allow to mechanically remove the skin superficial layer through a light massage with which we can activate a delicate abrasive action.

This is the easiest way to reach three results in one go:

  1. to remove impurities from the skin,
  2. to favour epidermis cell renewal
  3. to stimulate micro-circulation and oxygenation of the skin tissue.

The skin immediately regains shine and brilliance.

The absorption of functional substances contained in face and body products, such as anti-aging creams, moisturizing creams or cellulite blemishes treatment products, is therefore amplified, thanks to a very thin skin surface layer removal and to the stimulation of micro-circulation.

Body scrub: how to make it more effective?

The best way to use body scrubs and allow a more effective exfoliating action is to previously subject the skin to a condition of heat and high humidity, as it happens with the Turkish bath, so as to favor pores dilation and the skin impurities expulsion.

So a simple steam bath is enough!

Thanks to scrub massage first effect will be to enjoy all the benefits of cutaneous micro-circulation stimulation. Dead skin superficial layer removal will be easier, as well as skin smoothing:the part of treated skin zone will be more toned and brighter.

Scrub frequency: how often should I exfoliate my face?

One of the top FAQs is about scrub frequency of use: how often should I make use of scrub and why?

Considering that scrub aims to remove the superficial part of the epidermis, we always recommend to perform exfoliating treatments with weekly frequency, so as to wait for dead cells accumulation during the cell renewal period.

This mode of use can be good for both face scrubs and body scrubs.

In addition, an excessive frequency of such treatments would not have better effects, instead raging on a skin layer that does not need to be removed.

For an optimal result, therefore, follow these three primary advices:

  1. schedule scrub treatments regularly;
  2. favor the pores dilation before treatment;
  3. use specially studied products for face scrub and body scrub.

Face and body scrubs: which to choose?

Face skin and body skin are very different and respond to very different treatment needs.

In both cases, however, it’s necessary to choose products enriched with emollient, nourishing and moisturizing substances to beneficially help skin mechanical action.

Cypris has studied special formulas for facial scrubs and body scrubs, the first aimed at performing a delicate action and the other for carrying out a more intense action on the skin.

Atena Skin Aegis Face Scrub

Specifically studied for facial treatments, the Face Scrub contains jojoba micro-granules which allow a delicate mechanical exfoliation with an exceptional smoothing effect on the skin. Micro-granules gradually soften during the massage, modulating their action over time. The formula enrichment with substances with an emollient, nourishing and moisturizing action, contributes to obtain a clean, nourished, luminous and smooth skin.
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Atena Skin Aegis Black sand scrub

The presence of volcanic sand coming from Iceland volcanic mountains lava flow inside Ares Black Sand Scrub allows an intense mechanical exfoliating action which, together with the fruit acids contained in the formula, helps to remove the deepest impurities, leaving a soft, smooth and polished skin.
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