Our quality system is based on a fundamental question: is it possible to interpret the concept of product quality or is there a quality universal concept?

If we consider that every individual perceives quality according to experience and social context from which it derives, we would answer that the quality of a product is a relative concept, which has a different value depending on the end user.

CYPRIS aims to overcome the concept of subjective perception of quality, enhancing every single process in the product production, focusing on its raw materials and on all possible details.

Because details make the difference, of course.

Cypris, all Made-in-Italy

So, what makes qualitative a Cypris product?

  1. The careful selection of raw materials, to be sure that the product really reflects the functionality it aims to offer;
  2. The gratification of all collaborators participating in the production process, because it guarantees greater attention in the production of each single product.

Quality cannot be definitely separated from the production cycle, neither from the components that make up the final product, nor from the innumerable attentions that every single passage requires.

The CYPRIS qualitative path arises, therefore, from the awareness that, to provide a product that can find the indeterminate appreciation of those who choose us, it must be designed and built to satisfy the less demanding consumer as well as the most attentive.


Cypris Quality SealBefore being published for sale online, each item is subject to scrupulous checks by a team of experts to guarantee it meets our high quality standards. If the product passes this inspection, it is fitted with the Cypris Quality Seal, a security seal protecting it against possible counterfeiting attempts.

If you would like more information on specific items, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always happy to help.

From today your needs become our needs.

That’s the CYPRIS quality.

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