Beauty has its time, from 28 days upwards

Skin cell renewal

Cell renewal: everything you need to know and a simple but super effective advice

Cell renewal is a process to be thoroughly understood by all those interested in personal care.

If we could lock clock hands, we would have the elixir of eternal youth in our hands but – quoting the poetic words of Petrarch – “la vita fugge, et non s’arresta una hora, life flees and time does not stop.

We can not wait for time to plow its escape traces on our skin.

This is the reason why all that remains is to have some more information on our skin and its mechanisms of cell renewal, so as to provide the most appropriate attention to cope with the passage of time.

The cycle of cell renewal

Our skin has its cell renewal own cycle during which the epithelial cells regenerate from the epidermis deepest layer to replace those that form skin surface.

As we age, cell renewal slows down more and more, causing a significant change in the epidermis structure, the skinmost superficial part.

Indeed, with each passing day our skin replaces the older epithelial cells, now become inefficient, with new cells that allow an epithelial tissue renovation.

Cellular renewal: process time

At a young age, cell renewal process is completed in about 28 days.

There is an optimal production of collagen and elastin; i.e. production of proteins that help to support dermis structure, making the skin smooth, toned and compact.

After turning 30, however, this process tends to slow down, requiring more and more days to complete cell replacement path, with a natural consequence of skin aging.

And after turning 40?

The collagen and elastin production decreases further, going to undermine the skin structure with three main effects:

  1. loss of tone and firmness of the skin,
  2. gradual skin thickening,
  3. a more pronounced expression of wrinkles and skin lines.


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How to enhance skin cell renewal

At this point, the most frequently asked question is: how to keep young skin and help cell renewal?

Petrarch poetry meets, therefore, reality.

Individual’s lifestyle, environmental conditions and life habits greatly influence skin aging.

The main factors that affect cell renewal slowdown are:

  • unregulated diet,
  • smoke,
  • excessive physical activity,
  • lack of sleep,
  • UV rays exposure.

The best way to help our skin to remain young and vital is to adequately nourish it with cosmetic products that help to strengthen the epidermis structure, also promoting collagen and elastin production.

The fundamental ingredients for enhancing cell renewal are constancy and foresight.

Ideally we should take care of our skin already at an early age.

The best advice to achieve excellent results remains the simplest but also the most difficult to follow: to adopt a healthy lifestyle so that our skin becomes itself lovable poetry.

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