In-Cosmetics Global, the leading event for personal care ingredients

To network, learn about future trends, and discover new products

Cosmetics shine in spring with the usual In-Cosmetics commodity fair.

The location, set up this year in Amsterdam, brought together the world’s leading cosmetics and personal care product suppliers.

The In-Cosmetics event offers the most significant innovations in the field of raw materials and hosts several side events such as seminars and workshops, through which you can take a look at the future sector scenario.

Among the most interesting issues those against the blue light, the light adjacent to the ultraviolet light with a wavelength between 380 – 500 nm, which is visible to the human eye and is responsible for the blue color of the sky.

In addition to sunlight, blue light is also emitted from electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, PCs and TV screens, and is increasingly responsible for aging skin.

In-Cosmetics: the “good bacteria” of the cutaneous microbiota

Add to this the thematic insights on the skin microbiota, an immense population of “good bacteria” that live on our skin that defend us from potentially pathogenic bacteria. Every square centimeter of our skin, in fact, hosts about a million microorganisms of a good five hundred distinct species.

The cutaneous microbiota thus plays a protective function and represents an additional immune defense for the skin, protecting it from external aggressions, inflammations and infections, regulating its pH and helping it to counteract the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.

The cutaneous microbiota well-being, however, is deeply influenced by numerous aspects such as:

  • environmental factors,
  • taking drugs,
  • bad eating habits,
  • hormonal imbalances,
  • stress,
  • advance of age.

Several studies have shown that the imbalance of microbiotic populations is associated with various skin conditions worsening, including acne, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

In this context, the world of cosmetics is trying to take the first steps to contribute, with specific products, to a greater defense of the skin and to limit the imbalance opportunities of the cutaneous microbiome.

In-Cosmetics news

Our trip to In-Cosmetics Global in Amsterdam could not fail to be captured by the new fragrances proposed by the most important French houses, among the delicate floral and rounded fragrances for the face to the enveloping body notes, among the stimulating notes for the physical activity with the warm sensations of fragrances specifically designed for sun protection.

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