What is the Cypris Challenge?

Follow your 28 days cell renewal process to discover Cypris quality

Taking care of your skin is not so easy.

You must be precise, constant, patient and be able to take care of yourself always, over time, not once in a while ore, even worse, once only.

The only way to understand if a cosmetic product can give your skin the result you expect is to test it for the minimum period needed to complete cell regeneration.

How much time, then?

At least for 28 days.

This is the best way to check how effective (and valid) a cosmetic product is on your skin.

Why the Cypris Challenge? Why do we challenge you?

Cypris means first of all quality: this challenge – far from simple – wants to bring you to the only point where you can actually understand if the cosmetic product you are using meets the needs of your skin and, at the same time, reveal the intrinsic quality of Cypris products.

We are ready to challenge the precision, constancy and patience you have in taking care of your skin.

This must be the soul that turns on the #28281 Cypris Challenge.

You must necessarily master your skincare routine for a minimum period of 28 days, in order to learn how to really take care of your skin and discover, at the same time, the Cypris product quality and tell us what you think.

As you know, your feedback is very important to us and to your followers, people who constantly rely on your advice.

Why #28281?

Cypris Challenge hashtag include 3 numbers

They are indicative references, you can also proceed for several days, document for less seconds and also include other products that you use in your skincare.
The ultimate goal remains to challenge you to try out the Cypris products for a minimum period of time in order to benefit from them and evaluate them.


The first 28 refers to the period of cell renewal: it’s the number of days you will be engaged in the challenge


The second 28 refers to your Instagram Story number of seconds in which you will talk about your skincare routine with Cypris


Last number – the number 1 – refers to the brand you will talk about in those seconds and that you will test with constancy, Cypris of course


In short, you will take care of yourself with Cypris for the next 28 days.

Share 28 seconds of your morning skincare routine – or just the product application – in your Instagram Stories.

Don’t forget to use #28281 and #cyprischallenge hashtags.


Cypris Challenge selection parameters

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